Monday, 30 July 2007


Mozilla wants to spin Thunderbird off. My first thought was how can they do that I hate them etc. But sitting around and thinking about it it may be a smart move ... if done right. The main competition is Exchange/Outlook. Currently TB only hits the email side of Outlook. Using Exchange/Outlook at work it provides so much more. Exchange/Outlook provides you with the full PIM thing and integration between your work mates. Using a solution at client site that doesn't Exchange/Outlook it just doesn't work so well. You don't get emails saying that someone is booking time in your calendar and it doesn't remind you that you have a meeting to go to by default. And this client's system doesn't sync with my phone. From my phone I want to see my address book and I want to know when I have an appointment and also want to be able to book new meetings.

So with this spinning off they need to sit down and hook up with some other people and give us the full experience. Lighting is giving us the Calendar, so we just need the server side from somewhere to hook it all together. And some work from the phone to get it talking to my phone via bluetooth and not not just on WIndows but also on Ubuntu. So one will hope that this seperate can give them the freedom to go down this route.

So how will this help the home user well it give TB a market who will pay for support and development.

As to how it revolutionise the web well. Suspect it will push IMAP and iCal so the server and client are tied together but can interchange and also will bring better bluetooth support to Linux, It will also make the phone manufactures think about an OS other than Windows.

So I am wishing the Thunderbird people all the best and hopefully I will be using TB at work as my production PIM in the near future.