Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Google's Testing on the Toilet

I came across Google's Testing on the Toilet series about a month back. For those who haven't seen Testing on the Toilet have a look at http://googletesting.blogspot.com/search?q=testing+on+the+toilet what it is is a series of one page unit testing articles designed for the back of the toilet door.

I have started to print them out and put them on the back of the toilet door. I am getting positive feedback from the devs on it. If they are thinking testing and making their unit test better it is good. I much prefer if they catch more at unit test time and also run the test every time they do a build. Also being on the toilet they have no choice but to read it. I had one guy say that he went and try not to read it, but read the first paragraph and then stopped going mustn't read more, but then he said he finished reading as there just wasn't anything else to do and when you are in that type of situation there is nothing else you can do so you will just read it.

So thanks to the people behind TotT at Google I should hopefully be seeing some better unit testing in the future.