Sunday, 19 April 2009

Visual Representation of Defect Queues

One of our devs has had the idea of placing our defect queue on the wall using a grid and catalog cards. Y axis is severity and priority and X is status. It is simple and is working well to see where our defects are currently sitting and where any bottle necks ares. The downside to it is that it does require effort to keep the wall and our client's defect tracking system in sync.

Over some drinks on Friday night we were discussing how we like it and how it was helping. Though of course the bit of keeping the wall and the defect system in sync. Well we started thinking about Microsoft Surface. Well Surface does have the tactile of moving defects around when changing the status. So it would be really cool if some would either make a defect tracking tool or an addon to one to linked into Surface. Then you could get a big screen running surface and mount on the wall and manage the defect queue that, changing statuses, filtering. You also don't need defect reports in the same way to your PM as they just walk past and visually see the defects progressing and where bottle necks are.

I am also thinking that for the next project while in the system test stage before getting the client involved to work solely off the the wall for those defects without using a defect tracking tool. Sometimes the low tech solution works really well and because we are in IT we always go for the techy solution rather and the simple one that may work better.