Saturday, 13 June 2009

Explaining your testing and what you do

James Bach has a blog post Putting Subtitles to Testing which has an accompanying video. The video is of James and Jon Bach testing an Easy Button and in the video they sub titles along the way explaining the type of testing they were doing.

The point they make at the end of the video is about reporting what you are doing as a tester and that you need to practise putting what you do into words. This can come particularity important if you are a tester like and deal mostly in testing things which don't have a GUI. As if you have to explain to someone what testing you have done with a GUI they will often find it easier to understand what you have done as they visualise or see the GUI. If you start talking about DBs, SOAP, Web Services, CSVs, etc they have more difficulty in understanding what you have done with your time. This also becomes more apparent when you are not working 100% from test scripts as you can't just say I execute these scripts. When you are doing more exploratory testing explaining what you have done is more apparent. Session notes which we write during our testing make sense to us and cover everything so if there are defects we can go back and remember the full chain of events leading up to noticing the issue. While watching the video and the sub titles staying a high level (Requirements Analysis, Stress Testing, etc) can still be very informative.