Saturday, 11 July 2009

Experiences with Mantis 1.2 - Part 1 - The Install

I have bee looking at different defect tracking systems and I am liking the look of Mantis Bugtracking System. I have experimented with the 1.1.x version and liked it. I have only used on virtual machine at home, so I have never used it in anger so to speak. Seeing 1.2 of Mantis is now at a Release Candidate stage I thought I would have another look at it. What I plan to is to write a series of blog posts as I get it set up in a demo form.

So Part 1 the install. Put Ubuntu on a a VM and made sure that Apache, mySQL and PHP were installed. Then just downloaded Mantis and placed it in /var/www/mantis and fired up a web browser to point at it. Comes up with a install page just type in the database connection details and is installed in a matter of seconds. Totally painless and simple.

What I plan to do:
  • Set up some different user roles
  • Set up some custom statuses
  • Set up a customer work flow
  • Set up multiple clients so internal people (I work at an IT vendor company) can see more than clients and clients can only see things related to them and not other clients.