Saturday, 3 July 2010

Videoing Testing

A little while back I went on James Bach's Rapid Software Testing Course run via SoftEd here in Wellington. One thing he mentioned and I took away is recording what testing you do. He said he went as far as recording everything with video camera. This is helpful as it records what you are doing and can see the chain of events leading up to a problem. Hard disks are getting cheap these days and can store many hours worth of video. I haven't gone as far as recording everything I do yet. What I have started to do instead of spending time copying and pasting screen shots (though Lightscreen helps a load with taking screen shots) is just record the whole reproduction case. By the time you have taken individual screen shots and written the steps that you have performed and tried to explain what the defective behaviour looks like I find that it is quicker just to record a video and attached that to the defect than taking screen shots and writing it up. I have also found the "I can't reproduce it" comments decrease as well. On Ubuntu I use gtk-recordMyDesktop and on Windows I use CamStudio (the old Open Source on Soureforge). Give it a go I have found it extremely worthwhile seeing the screen recording tools are free.