Friday, 8 February 2013

The Purpose Section in a Test Plan, is it used right?

Coming out the We Test session last night on Test Planning I had a thought (while shaving this morning, rather than last night while there:( ). It came out of the discussion around the Test Plans being geared for people other than the test team and that the Test Plans being a dumping ground for everything that isn't documented elsewhere in the documents that the project produces.

Is the purpose section in the Test Plan being written correctly? Is that the problem?

From the Purposes I have seen (if the document has them at all) that I have seen they don't clearly state that the Test Plan is to help the Test Team do there testing and that should be its only purpose. If the purpose is written well, when get the reviewers saying "why didn't you include X" etc can say "that it won't help the Test Team so isn't in here and that it would be better suited in Y document"? If we push back can we get the Test Plans to be useful?

Are there any good Test Plan Purposes out there or can we the community come up with a boil plate one that makes it clear that the Test Plan is for the Test Team and should be helpful to them? It should also be clear that the Test Plan document should be a living document and as we learn more about the application under and more about tools and methodologies the document should change, we are doing the best work we can/